Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ESP8266 USB Programmer USBProg

USBPrg v8.4 -  a fully isolated SAFE USB to Serial adapter for communcation and programming devices protecting your USB ports and devices.

The perfect companion for a complete Development platform for your projects!

Now available on TINDIE Store:

You can buy it a special price in the MPRSx8 Home Automation Development pack - MPRSx8 Dev Board + USPPrgv8.4  programmer:


What is it?


  A fully isolated USB to Serial adapter for communication and also programming devices protecting your USB ports and connected devices.
  Integrated hardware Autoreset function makes it suitable for direct programming ESP8266, ESP32 and other MCU's that require it.
  If you use Arduino IDE/Platformio/etc for example with ESP8266, you will love it, as it doesn't need to press anymore RST/Prog buttons for new sketch upload! The autoreset function takes care of that, putting automatically the ESP8266 module in the right boot mode.

Youtube Video step-by-step Tutorial on how to use it to program a ESP8266 Module:

 In the case above ESP8266 is embedded on a MPRSx8 Home Automation board but in the same easy way can be used for programming standalone ESP8266 modules.



    • Fully isolated interface
    • High speed (can work OK also at 115200 and up - used it with Arduino IDE/Platfromio at 921600)
    • DTR/RTS/autoreset function
    • 2.5 kV RMS integrated digital isolator from Silicon Labs
    • High electromagnetic immunity
    • Ultra low power
    • Schmitt trigger inputs
    • Transient Immunity 50 kV/μs



    USB interface

    Digital isolator

    Auto-reset circuit

    Below you can find also the wiring for the MPRSx8 Home Automation Board Programming:

    Monday, April 24, 2017

    ESPBasic - Web Interface - CSS elements example

    A quick example on how to change your Web interface GUI objects properties without using a separate CSS file.

    Reading Himidity and Temperature from a DHT22 Sesor connected to the GPIO5 and also retrieving Date and Time from NTP Server:

    PinDHT = 5
    DHT.SETUP(22, PinDHT)


    timer 1000, [branch] ' ## Time for auto refresh variables ##

    wprint |<body style="background-color:powderblue;">|
    wprint |<H1><span style="color: red;">|
    wprint "Example for changing GUI object properties with CSS"
    wprint "</H1>"
    wprint "</span>"

    wprint "<table border='1'><tr><td>Date</td><td>"
    textbox Dtm
    cssid htmlid(), "background-color: yellow;display:block;width:160px"
    wprint "</td></tr><tr><td>Humidity </td><td>"
    textbox Hum
    cssid htmlid(), "background-color: grey;color:#F00;display:block;width:40px"
    wprint "</td></tr><tr><td>Temperature Deg C</td><td>"
    textbox Temp
    cssid htmlid(), "background-color: #ccaabb;display:block;width:40px"

    wprint "</td></tr></table><p>"

    wprint "<p> Click to Exit <br>"
    button "Exit", [TestExit]


    timer 0

    gosub [readdata]

    Dtm = time() 'Current Date and Time
    Temp = DHT.TEMP() 'Current Temperature
    Hum = DHT.HUM() 'Current Humidity

    The result looks as below: