Thursday, March 9, 2017

The MPRSx8 - Home Automation DevBoard - Domoticz ESPEasy

The MPRSx8 - Home Automation DevBoard meets Domoticz !

MPRSx8 Board is available also on Tindie store:

For MPRSx8 general presentation and hardware description please take a look also at Part 1 of the MPRSx8 series:

Part 3 of the MPRSx8 + ESPEasy Tutorial - This time we will take a deeper look on the ESPEasy Firmware configuration and preparing the MPRSx8 Board for Domoticz integration:

What we will need:
         - CP2102 version
         - Another even smaller size version
         - extra pinout version
         - FT232 Version - Full pinout. Looks nice but because of the FTDI horror stories I would probably stay away from it.

Here you can find Part 4: Domoticz configuration and final tests

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