Friday, April 14, 2017

Part 2 - Raspberry Pi + Domoticz AC Dimmer


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Part 2 of the tutorial: Raspberry Pi + Domoticz + MPDM v4 AC dimmer board.

Part 2 topic: Domoticz setup & final testing :

What we will need:

- MPDMv4 Universal AC Dimmer - available also on Tindie Store !
- Raspberry PI 2 Board

- PIGPIO library for Raspberry PI  - take a look at Part 1 how to install and test
- Domoticz
   Latest available, on a Raspberry PI 2 Board install :  
     sudo curl -L | bash


Domoticz LUA script for RPi Dimmer:

commandArray = {}
DomDevice = 'RPi_Dimmer';
if devicechanged[DomDevice] then
   if(devicechanged[DomDevice]=='Off') then
     print ("OFF dimm = "..uservariables['dimm']);
     CalcValue = 860*1000;
   else if(devicechanged[DomDevice]=='On') then
        DomValue = uservariables['dimm'];
        print ("ON dimm = "..uservariables['dimm']);
        CalcValue = DomValue;
         DomValue = otherdevices_svalues[DomDevice];
         CalcValue = (900-(DomValue*9))*1000;
         commandArray['Variable:dimm'] = tostring(CalcValue);
--         commandArray['Variable:dimm'] = CalcValue;
         print ("dimm Level = "..uservariables['dimm']);
   runcommand = "pigs hp 18 400 " ..tonumber(CalcValue);
   print("PWM calculated value= "..CalcValue);
   print("Run command: " ..runcommand);
return commandArray

 Save it as "script_device_RPi_Dimmer.lua" in the "domoticz/scripts/lua" folder !

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