Monday, November 14, 2016

Mailbag - PCF8591 I2C 8 bit ADC/DAC Driver - Part 2

ESP Basic seriesI2C driver example for the PCF8591 I2C 8-bit A/D and D/A converter - PART2

For a deeper description of the PCF8591 and simple DAC driver example please go to PART 1

 What we will need:

    Connection with the ESP8266 nEXT EVO Board is very easy, as PCF8591 Module connector is fully compatible with the nEXT Bus connector.

Driver implementation
As been a I2C compatible device you need to have a standard I2C Bus Initialisation function as usual and also to know the I2C address of the device.  
For a detailed PCF 8591 Control Byte description go to PART1.


1. Main program: 
let address = 72   'PCF8591 I2C Address
i2c.setup(4,5)       'choose your I2C bus pins

let dac = 0
let dac_v = 0
let adc0_1 = 0
let adc0_v = 0
let v_cal = 0.0128

adc0_1 = "ADC stopped"

wprint " <b>PCF8591 8-bit A/D and D/A converter driver demo</b><br><i>by</i><br><br> "

wprint " Input DAC value"
textbox dac

button " Set Value ",[SetDAC]

wprint " <br>DAC Output (V)"
textbox dac_v

wprint "<br>"

wprint "<br><br>ADC0 Read Value:"
textbox adc0_1

wprint "<br>ADC0 Read (Volt):"
textbox adc0_v
wprint "<br><br>"
button " Start ADC_0 ",[ADC0]
button " Stop ADC", [Exit ADC]

wprint "<br><br>"
button " Stop Program", [Exit]


2. Set DAC subroutine: 

dac_v = dac * v_cal

i2c.write(64)  'DAC Enable
delay 5

3. Enable ADC subroutine:

timer 1000, [readADC]


4. Read ADC subroutine:
ch = 64
i2c.begin(address)               'start another transaction
i2c.write(ch)                         'point to the ADC_0 - keep DAC ON
delay 5
i2c.end()                                'end write transaction

i2c.begin(address)                 'start another transaction
i2c.requestfrom(address,2)    'start a transaction to read 2 bytes
delay 5
adc0_0 =              'read the 1st byte
adc0_1 =              'read the 2nd byte
i2c.end()                                'end read transaction
adc0_v = v_cal + adc0_1 * v_cal


5. EXIT ADC subroutine:
[Exit ADC]
timer 0
adc0_1 = "ADC stopped"


6. Exit Program button subroutine:
timer 0


In the ESP Basic Web editor interface Type & Save your program as "PCF8591.bas" and Run it.  

If all OK the result should look as below:

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Very thorough and helpful demo again TZ, now I shall do a joystick controller amongst other things, thank you very much.

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