Saturday, November 5, 2016

WIFI MAINS 8x Relay Board for Home Automation and more

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  • Compact, standard size: 16x5 cm! (half Eurocard height)
  • Universal AC MAINS input (240VAC/50Hz (EU) or 110V/60Hz (US)
  • Proper MOV and high quality ceramic FUSE MAINS input protection.
  • 8 x MAINS rated 15A Relays
  • 8 x independent swithing Power Channels 
  • Power Channels can be software configured for mutually exclusive usage
  • Recommended load upto 10A each channel
  • LED signaling Panel for each Power Channel Status 
  • Integrated switchmode MAINS PSU
  • Separate high efficient switchmode PSU for command & control circuit
  • Can work also from a external +12V power supply just not install the MAINS PSU
  • Safe operation design
  • I2C / nEXT Bus compatible - you can add your own extension modules - light sensors, gas, motion, etc
  • Can be stacked upto 8 boards ( 1 Master and 7 slaves) for a total of 64 Power Channels!!
  • Compatible with any I2C compatible MCU: Arduino, ARM, PIC, ATMEGA, ESP8266, ESP32, etc
  • ESP8266 friendly design: can add your ESP8266 module directly onboard for a full WIFI MAINS Power switchboard solution
  • Full access to ESP8266 pins thru 2 headers gives you even more flexibility in developing your projects!
  • Full programming header  (Tx, Rx, GPIO0 and Reset)

Command and control side - pinout details


MAINS input power supply

3.3V power supply for the command and control section

Relays driver

In Part 2 we will continue with the software side, how to connect, program and use the MPRSx8 Relay board.

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